Monday, February 02, 2009

Marriage Transformed: Five steps to improve your marriage

Marriage Transformed

Five quick and easy steps to improve your marriage.

There’s a ton of advice out there. Let’s boil some of it down to basics. Here are five things you can do today to increase the quality of your loving:

1. Say your partner’s name outloud three times. Then say three simple things outloud that you like about him/ her.
2. Pick your favorite of these and email or phone message them with it immediately.
3. Create a surprise for your partner today. Ideas: pick up a book, pick a flower, do a chore that is normally theirs to do, listen three minutes without interrupting except to ask clarifying questions, draw a picture of you loving them, write a short poem.
4. Pull out an old picture of the two of you having fun, make a homemade frame (a friend did this with sticks from the yard) and place it by their dinner place.
5. Tell them of your dreams for this relationship.

Marriage is a work (of joy) in progress. Embrace your today.

Stephen W. Frueh PhD

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