Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday afternoon Gratitude

Real Live Preacher of www.HighCallingBlog.com has encouraged us to keep writing about marriage. Their blog is a blog worth visiting since it is not positional nor is it exclusionary. It could perhaps best be described as exploratory, inspirational and welcoming. It and its readers take the Christian faith seriously enough to welcome hard questions.
We do the same with marriage. We do not see marriage as a canned program, no doubts allowed, matching sweatshirts kind of thing. My wife and I are always embracing conflict, exploring our own and each others attitudes, and challenging beliefs and practices.
"Doesn't that wear you out?" a friend recently asked. No, I said, in fact we believe marriages are meant to be living wonders, always evolving, hardly ever static. Yes there's comfort, friendship, companionship - and all that requires a sense of stability, but we believe in change. Growing individually, exposing new ideas, thoughts, fears and hopes feeds this garden of ours and we are grateful for each other's willingness to engage.
HighCalling is doing the same thing regarding faith. We are grateful for their work.

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L.L. Barkat said...

Hi there. I came over from the High Calling. Nice site here, so I'm going to link to you from the new wiki-zine "Us." Feel free to upload your older blog posts there sometimes, to bring your great content back to the "top".

The wiki-zine is located at:


In any case, blessings on your ministry here.